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Joel Weldon

When you hire Joel Weldon to speak, you'll be amazed at how CUSTOMIZED a presentation can be!

Clients have dubbed him "America's Most Prepared Speaker."

Always energizing and entertaining, his presentations are jam-packed with relevance, filled with eye-opening insights and practical solutions for the audience. Whether the focus is on leadership, sales, customer service, creativity or change, each idea he presents will relate to their world, bringing them specific ways to improve what they do and how they do it. Joel knows that when it comes to professional speaking, it's "all about the audience."

Joel Weldon

Here's what Joel's clients say:

"What a performance, Joel! Your idea seminar, Coyote Power, at our National Sales Meeting was a real success!! As I told you and Judy, on our evaluations, with a scale of 1-5, you rated a 5.01. That's in a group of over 300 tough sales folks!"

Bonnie W. Nizamis, Vice President


"Thank you so much for presenting your Willie Factor seminar to our Citigroup Asset Management Top Producers. In a world that has become so technologically oriented, it's refreshing to see a true professional engage and involve the audience with such energetic magnetism. Joel, you are second to none!"

John K. Richards, Managing Director
Citigroup Asset Management


"Joel, your extensive preparation to customize your presentation to the needs of our members was quite refreshing in this era of "canned" speeches. It's great to find a speaker that actually practices what they present: you promise a lot and deliver even more!"

Dennis Stork, Executive Vice President
GAMA (General Agents and Managers Association)


"Thank you for all your support and direction and most of all your THOROUGH / ENTHUSIASTIC approach to our Operator's Meeting and our guests. The positive feedback I received at Sanibel exceeded last year's (if you can believe that!). Joel, I can not express to you how valuable it is to have you as our keynote speaker. Knowing you are going to be there takes a tremendous pressure off our shoulders, as we know your portion of the program will be solid. You offer a great deal to our meetings, Joel, and not simply while you are on stage. Your insight to details of many things behind the scenes really helps us pull things together."

Paul Cherney, Vice President, Sales


"Wow, Joel! What a great seminar! One of the things that people were impressed with was the amount of tailoring you did to our meeting attendees. It wasn't a boiler plate presentation that you give to everybody. The use of specific people in the audience was also a great way to keep the participants involved in the presentation. It's easy to see why you've been so successful without any advertising."

Thomas F. Brock, VP & GM Aftermarket Business Unit


"Joel, you really are the model speaker. You do all of those things that I only wish other speakers would half do. You research, research, research. You come to the meeting early to weave into your talk those things that have happened up until your point in the program. You are at the meeting room very, very early to be sure all things are set correctly. You give the best presentation I have ever heard in my life. And, best of all, you walk your talk. You actually live what you preach. You promise a lot, and deliver even more."

James L. Lavold, CLU, Associate Director-Meetings


“In my entire business career, I have not met a more complete and total professional in the true sense of the word than Joel Weldon. Last year I felt your program was flawless. This year you topped it!”

John McNulty, G.M.
Commercial Memory Systems, Intel Corp.


“Enthusiasm and energy filled the room and brought the entire audience of 600 to their feet on numerous occasions!”

Richard Baker, Manager of Sales
Hyster Company


“Dealing with a consummate professional is such an honor. You were able to motivate our sales team in a way that has never been done before.”

Sharon D. Thornton, Manager, Meetings & Conventions
Johnson & Johnson Medical Products inc.


“NOBODY COMPARES!! Your presentation to our National Senior Managers Conference was the highlight of the event. Not only was your program timely and hard-hitting, but so customized to our group.”

Neil Jones, Director of Training
Radio Shack Stores


“We have had nothing but rave reviews about your program, but I must confess that as a Joel Weldon fan, I expected nothing less. You thoroughly exemplify everything you speak about!”

Donald R. Bell, Chairman & CEO
Rollins, Hudig, Hall, Inc.


“What was the best part of our four-day National Meeting? Joel Weldon! That really comes as no surprise after seeing the extensive research you did about our group."

L. Ray Chamberlin, Director of Agency Services
Central Life Assurance Co.


“I have never worked with any speaker as thoroughly professional as you. The enthusiasm, dedication to excellence, and content mastery you display, Joel, is simply inspirational.”

Randolph Hobler, V.P., Director of Communications
IBM Corp.


Joel Weldon