“Joel sets the benchmark for speaker professionalism. As the VP of Education for AZMPI, I coordinated to have Joel speak at our October education program. He did an outstanding job! I was so impressed with the attention to detail that Joel placed in preparing to speak to our chapter. Joel has a dynamic stage presence. He spoke about "Coyote Power" - How to Thrive in a Climate of Change. His presentation could not have been timelier. I loved the parallel that Joel illustrated between achieving success in our current economy and strategies employed by coyotes over the last 92 years that has made them successful in spite of extermination attempts. Well done!”

Jennifer Castro

Joel Weldon


Joel Puts His Entire Fee on the Line

Here's how this unprecedented 100% unconditional guarantee works:

At the conclusion of the program each of your participants will evaluate Joel's session on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high) in answer to these three questions:

  1. EvaluationHow VALUABLE were the ideas and concepts Joel presented?
  2. How EFFECTIVELY did Joel present the material?
  3. How did Joel's program COMPARE to every other program they have attended?

Any evaluation card that averages less than 7 is considered negative, and reduces the fee proportionately. You pay only for POSITIVE ratings, 7 or higher. Results, not promises! (All of the evaluation cards will be sent to you for review after the program is over.)

How many speakers have you hired that actually put their fee on the line?

Preparation is the key! Joel will spend over 50 hours preparing for your program to make sure the ideas are right on target, and your investment includes all the planning and preparation time. Your investment entitles your organization to a fifty percent discount on any of Joel's CDs for up to one year.