"Joel was also my Mentor as a Financial Consultant and later as a professional speaker... My first experience was in his keynote called Using the Willie Factor. More than 20 years later, I still remember the conference in detail. I highly recommend Joel to anyone who is serious about getting positive results! Thanks Joel for all you do!"

Rob McBride

Joel Weldon

Take the FAST TRACK to POWERFUL Presentations!

Being an AMAZING communicator is not a natural gift you're born with! I know, from my decades of experience coaching hundreds of executives, managers and super salespeople, that it's a LEARNED SKILL!

And no matter how good you are now, with my one-on-one FAST TRACK speech coaching, you'll have an eye-opening experience that will almost instantly take your speaking skills and presentation effectiveness to a whole new, more powerful level!

You're going to reap tremendous benefits.

I'm going to share with you dozens of little known strategies, all the wisdom I've gleaned from over 40 years as an award winning professional speaker, and I can take you to the highest level you want to go!

You'll be amazed and delighted to discover how much immediate improvement there will be in your very next presentation!

Here's just a partial list of the skills you'll quickly master:

  • The key to establishing instant rapport with your listeners.

  • Brilliant ways to organize your ideas and add stories for impact.

  • Confidence-building ways to prepare for your presentation.

  • How to write a powerful introduction that sets up your message.

  • Inside secrets for controlling your time as you speak.

  • The key to getting audience participation.

  • Creative ways to use facts and statistics.

  • A little known way to use notes, not memorize your presentation.

  • How to incorporate humor, even if you're presenting serious ideas.

  • Powerful ways to use visuals for maximum impact.

  • How to close with impact so your listeners won't forget you or your message!

Have you got an important presentation coming up soon? No worries!

  • Charlie needed help with a presentation he was giving the very next day to land a big contract. He hired me to help, followed my suggestions, and won the contract!

  • Brian had only three minutes to tell his company's story at an international conference, but getting one new client would be worth $2 million to him. He hired me to help him prepare a powerful message and he closed the deal!

  • Steve needed more impact for the classes he was conducting for retiring teachers. My FAST TRACK coaching immediately made a huge difference.

  • Michelle, an M.D., was preparing to speak to over 4,000 financial advisers. She hired me to make sure her message would have the impact of a strong connection to that particular audience.

  • John manages a hedge fund with $4 billion in assets. I gave him powerful ideas on presenting his opportunities to sophisticated investors.

  • Stephen needed to deliver a 2-hour message on "Intuition & Selling" to 250 very analytical thinkers. He followed my suggestions, and hit a home run!

Just supposing you could take your message and make it connect in unique ways with your specific audience, and just supposing your message could include powerful stories, startling statistics, humor and visuals, and you could deliver it with amazing impact and unshakable confidence ... how much would that be worth to you?

FAST TRACK one-on-one coaching begins at $3900 for a four-hour session and can be done face-to-face with Joel or on the phone.

Call me today at 1-800-852-8572.

Let's discuss your objectives and how I can help you.

Then let's get you started on that...


Joel Weldon